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Vega Kavach 1 Flip Up Face Shield


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Kavach is an injection-molded face shield that provides complete face protection against any kind of spatter, sparks, chips, and debris.

Face-shield is additional gear to be worn along with face mask.

Technical Specification:

  • Made from High Impact Polycarbonate Material that provides great Impact Resistance and Optical Grade Clarity.
  • Good Visual Effect with Anti-Fog Wide-Vision.
  • Covers the Entire Face. The Band has Designed to provide Maximum Comfort.
  • Two Soft Rubbers are used for Comfort Fitment for the Head.
  • Coated with a Hard Coat, Which Protects Against Scratches and UV.
  • It Is Movable, Providing Convenience to The User with Smooth Functioning.
  • It Can Be Sterilized with 50% Alcohol-Based Sanitizer.
  • It Can Be Used by Doctors, Hospital Staff, Sanitation Workers, Policemen, Security Guards, Industry Workers, Etc., And The General Public.
  • It Weighs Up to 160 grams.
  • No exchange and returns applicable for this product.

Images shown for illustration purpose only.
No warranty applicable COVID-19 gear.
Actual Product may vary in design and style as per manufacturer's batch updates.


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