AKRO Nylon Buckle Tie-Downs


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Tired of annoying bungee cords that snap when you need them the most? Bungee Cords loose their elasticity, but these military spec nylon tie downs hold over 600+ kilos of load before they give up on you.
Made to akro standards – extreme!
Proudly Made in India


  • 45º Cut, hot knife sealed end for ease of use even while wearing gloves
  • Multiplie Tie’s can be linked up to form longer lengths as required
  • Military grade nylon & weaving


  • 1.6mm thick woven nylon strap with 750kg break strength
  • Heavy Guage zinc-coated alloy Cam-buckle with grooved teeth for added frictional grip
  • 3 bar-tacks on strap at the buckle for extra strength
  • 1.52 meters /5 feet length of strap.

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