Cramster Tundra Winter Gloves


Regular price Rs. 2,300.00
Riding Gloves specifically made for Cold and Rain Conditions.
Made with Multiple Fabrics like AeroTex, Hipora and Thermolite Insulate to offer resistance against Cold & Damp Riding conditions. 

  •  Full Length Wrist Covering Gauntlet
  • Embedded Knuckle Protector with Dotted Finger Kunckle Protection
  • Genuine Leather (Water Repellant Treated) Palm with protective Padding
  • Elasticized Strapless Wrist for Quick wear.
  • HIPORA Membrane for Water Resistance
  • Thermolite Thin Insulation for Better Handle Grip
  • AeroTex Windcheating Top Shell
  • Reflexite Night Reflector Strip
*Not usable in Summer.

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