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Pinlock 30 Anti Fog Lens (Clear)


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Compatibility Note:

Only suitable for

  • SMK Helmets with Pinlock 30 compatible face shields
    Hybrid / Twister / Glide / Force / Stellar / Typhoon / Gullwing
  • AXORHelmets with Pinlock 30 compatible face shields
  • Bilmola Helmets with Pinlock 30 compatible face shields
    Rapid S, Nex
  • Shiro Helmets with Pinlock 30 compatible face shields
    SH-821, SH-881, SH-890
  • Shaft Helmets with Pinlock 30 compatible face shields 
    SH-600, SH-610

Additional Notes:

  • Pinlock 30 Lens only supplied (1 Unit)
  • Pinlock 30 Visor not included
  • Pinlock 70 Visor will not be compatible with this lens.

Pinlock Lens is not covered under any warranty.


  • Images shown for illustration purpose only.
  • Actual product may vary in finish, specifications, look without any discretion from manufacturer.
  • Pinlock anti fog lenses do NOT qualify for any exchange, returns, or replacements.


  • The Pinlock 30 fog resistant insert lens is Pinlock’s entry-level solution for multiple brands, that easily outperforms the strict ECE standard’s mist-retardant test.
  • All Pinlock 30 insert lenses come in a universal size that fits all Pinlock 30 prepared helmets.
  • Double shield system created by a silicon seal
  • Dry hydrofilic technology
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Interchangeable with other Pinlock lenses
  • 100% Max Vision® technology provides a clear view throughout the complete eye port of the shield


  • Pinlock’s entry-level solution for resistant insert lens, that as passed the strict ECE mist-retardant test standards with flying colours.
  • The Pinlock 30 insert lenses can be commonly found in basic to mid-range helmets on the market.
  • The insert lens creates a double shield system through a silicon seal between the helmet face shield and Pinlock insert lens, which makes up a double glass type of solution that prevents fogging.
  • The insert is made of a moisture absorbing plastic and therefore, the surface basically dry when used. This air-tight pocket ensures that the difference in temperature becomes significantly lowered.
  • The Pinlock insert absorbs moisture on the inside and offers you continuous clear visibility.
  • The Pinlock 30 lens is made in a universal size that enables it to be fitted well in all Pinlock® 30 prepared helmet face shields.


The Pinlock clear insert lenses is the default colour option that is commonly offered by helmet manufacturers. As the Pinlock clear insert lens is transparent, it works well with all types of coloured types of face shield.


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