BILMOLA Helmets India

Bilmola Helmets India

The purity of speed inspires and defines everything we do at Bilmola. In our design studio the pursuit of speed forces a focus on aerodynamic efficiency which has driven our helmets towards the teardrop shape that the laws of physics define as the most efficient form to fly through the air below the speed of sound.

The rounded front of each helmet tapers towards the rear, bringing the air smoothly to the rider’s back with minimal wind turbulence and buffeting at high speeds. As the rider, this gifts you the thrill of speed at its purest within the safety of a finely crafted motorcycle helmet.

From the outside, our striking designs announce and enhance the functional beauty of the teardrop form.

Bilmola Spare Visor for Nex / Rapid Helmets

FromRs. 1,699.00

  • Clear
  • Dark Smoke (Non Pinlock version)
  • Iridium Gold
  • Iridium Blue
Bilmola Spare Visor for Rapid RS 2023 Helmets

FromRs. 1,799.00

  • Clear
  • Light Smoke
  • Iridium Gold


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