Enduristan Sandstorm 4X Tank Bag (LUTA-009)


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A compact, 100% waterproof strap-on tank bag for any bike!

Product Description

  • Enduristan brings you the Sandstorm 4X, a 100% waterproof tank bag giving you 3.5 litres of storage capacity. This tank bag is designed to fit on any tank. It has a compact form factor so that it doesn’t get in the way, whether you’re sitting or standing while riding. 

The bag is made from a robust material featuring Enduristan’s signature 3-layer construction, giving you the maximum possible protection –

  • Layer 1 – WEAR PROTECTION The outermost layer of the 3-layer fabric is made up of heavy duty polymer which acts as superior wear protection. With an all-welded design it makes the Sandstorm even tougher.
  • Layer 2 – TEAR PROTECTION – The middle layer consists of 1000D Nylon mesh which is densely woven yet flexible to allow the 1000D Nylon filaments to align in the direction of the stress.
  • Layer 3 – WATER PROTECTION The innermost layer of the 3-layer fabric is made out of red vinyl for perfect visibility and 100% waterproofing.
  • The tank bag features a water resistant zip with a unique covering on the inside. This, combined with Enduristan’s 3-layer material, make the tank bag 100% waterproof.  There is a waterproof cable pass-thru at the rear of the bag, to either route power into / out of the tank bag. The bag doesn’t have a rigid structure so that it does not get in the way.  The base of the bag is rubberized to give it more grip and reduce scratching on painted surfaces.
  • The bag mounts on to the bike using Enduristan’s own strap system. The entire system is designed to allow for the tank bag to be mounted or dismounted from the bike quickly and easily, and not leave behind any dangling straps. The straps on the rider side of the bike have ROK straps incorporated into them. If you haven’t heard about ROK straps, read more about them here. In short, they’re the bee’s knees, and a great way for keeping your soft luggage in place for longer. The ROK straps interface with quick disconnect buckles that are attached to the frame of the bike using heavy duty zip ties (you can order additional sets of these if you want to use your Enduristan tank bag across multiple bikes). On the other side of the tank bag, there is an adjustable 3 point harness that attaches to the head stock of the bike. This too is designed so that you can get it on and off the bike really fast (a struggle with most other strap-on tank bags). This also allows for the tank bag to be tilted out of the way when filling up your tank.
  • The inside of this tank bag has intentionally been kept simple. The inside of the lid features a mesh pocket with velcro closure. The mesh has elastic loops on it for storing small tools or pens. Beside it is a zippered pocket as well.
  • Also included is a removable waterproof map pocket (200mm x 150mm) that securely attaches to the tank bag with velcro. You can even use this for keeping your devices. There is a cable pass-thru as well to allow you to route power into the pocket.


  • Strap-on Tank Bag
  • Enduristan’s 3-layer material
  • 100% waterproof
  • Compact, non-rigid design
  • Removable waterproof map pocket (200mm x 150mm)



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            • Images shown for illustration purpose only.
            • Actual product may vary in finish, specifications, look without any discretion from manufacturer.
            • Refer to your vehicle's user manual for more details before placing the orders.
            • ENDURISTAN products do NOT qualify for any exchange, returns, refunds or replacements as per listed return policy.
            • All claims for warranty to be handled by manufacturer directly under official India Channel partner as per official warranty terms.


            • This product is universal, and can fit on most motorcycles. Universal

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