Furygan Styg20 Kevlar Gloves (Black White Fluro Yellow)


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Furygan Styg20 X Kevlar Gloves

After 18 months of development in our racing department and 6 months of testing in race conditions in the hands of our most demanding riders, the Styg20 X Kevlar® are ready. Now it’s your turn to be Johann Zarco. Put this new generation of ultra-technical gloves to the test, designed to become the new reference in the segment, both in terms of protection and feel.


  • Protection:
    • 100% leather palm.
    • Palm and finger reinforcements.
    •  Metacarpal shell protectors.
  • Palm sliders: Reinforces the glove in an area prone to impact and abrasion, while allowing the hand to slide on the ground, reducing the risk of scaphoid fracture or damage to the arms and shoulders.
  • Anti separation link: Reduces the risk of injury to the little finger by crushing or tearing.

Multiple Kevlar® reinforcements and doubled leather layers:

  • On the back, side and palm of the hand, areas particularly exposed to abrasion during a crash.

Kevlar® ripstop reinforcements:

  • Covered with a layer of interwoven yarns incorporating Kevlar®, these pads offer superior tear and adbrasion resistance compared to traditional reinforcement.


  • Double tightening cuff: Fit your gloves perfectly to your wrists as well as to your jacket, to ensure comfort and safety on every trip.
  • Finger stitch seams positioned on the outside: Eliminates any potential discomfort, for better comfort and a perfect feel on the controls.


  • Grip insert: A printed silicon part provides a better grip, more safety and greater comfort when riding.

Fit control:

  • An elastic cuff adjustment system allows for a precise fit with each use.


  • AFS ventilation system: Products that include the label “Air Flow System” have been designed to create and channel the flow of air into a garment or glove in order to provide effective ventilation when temperatures rise

Goat leather:

  • Combining suppleness and resistance, goat leather provides first-rate protection, while offering an unrivalled feel for the handlebars.
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      Size Chart :-

      • Lay your dominant hand flat on a level surface
      • Keep the fingers together, palm facing upwards
      • Wrap a measuring tape around your palm, just below the knuckles, not including the thumb
      • Measure the circumference in inches

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