Furygan Tanker Bag (Black)


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Furygan’s Tanker bag is the perfect way to transport your ski gear or holiday wear. This sturdy, spacious bag makes it easy to keep your gear organized and ready to use. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it !


  • Travel Bag Furygan Tanker 133 liters
  • Spacious main compartment, divided into two sections to separate your business and access independently
  • Two pockets “trip.. “to access your documents and keep your business at hand while on the go.
  • Five handles, including a retractable aluminum to pull the bag easily.
  • Wheels rubber coated for a quiet ride and a comfort
  • Metallic rings for easier cinching the bag
  • Capacity of approximately 133 liters and 166 liters with gussets

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