LS2 FF 390 Breaker Android Blue Red Helmet

LS2 Helmets

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Technical Specification:


  • UV-resistant coating
  • ECE certification
  • Scratch-resistant visor
  • Weight: 1390g approx
  • Pinlock Ready Visor (Lens Not Included)
  • Reinforced chin straps
  • Damping shell in different degrees of hardness
  • Bolster

3 outer shells

  • LS2 offers multiple case sizes, custom-sized EPS protective films and our high-performance, high-quality comfort filler as well as 3D laser-cut plastic foam for a perfect fit and comfort throughout the day.


  • A patented blend of polycarbonate, a space era thermoplastic, and additional materials formulated by LS2, KPA, provide exceptionally light weight and superior penetration resistance while maintaining flexibility, to a degree, with respect to energy dispersion. The special formula meets the requirements of both the ECE 22.05 and the DOT.


  • A perfect view is essential to ensure road safety. For this reason, all of our "Class A" polycarbonate visors are made with optically correct 3D lenses, a highly impact-resistant material that avoids distortions and offers maximum clarity. In addition, most of our helmets have a built-in sun visor, making them ideal for driving in all weather conditions.

Double screening system

  • The fold-out LS2 sun visor protects the user from direct sunlight and can be quickly adjusted up and out when entering dark tunnels to improve driving conditions.

Visor blocking

  • Close the visor and then lightly press the catch in the center of the visor until you hear a "click". The visor is then blocked. To open, simply set up the catch.

Quick disassembly system

  • This system (patent pending) simplifies the change of the visor with the bare hands. The spring detent built-in with detent pin secures a perfect fit without air gaps when the visor is closed.

Cooling system

  • Ventilation with dynamic air circulation: LS2 helmets have a dynamic air circulation. Completely adjustable inlets and ventilated EPS work with the rear wing and outlets to create a light and constant airflow that keeps the driver cool and comfortable.

Quick release belts

  • The metal buckle is accompanied by a high quality safety strap. The other belt has a grooved plastic fold. Insert the fold into the metal buckle: you hear a "click". Continue the introduction until a comfortable fit is achieved. Pull on the strap over the lever to release. For an initial additional adjustment, use the slide of the metal buckle of the belt with grooved plastic fold to reach the remaining belt.

Metallic security badge

  • This small metallic triangle is an exclusive LS2 feature that further enhances the connection of the helmet strap to the helmet.

Emergency release system

  • Our emergency release system allows the emergency service to remove the helmet pads and thus create an additional space for helmet removal with minimal movement of the injured person's head and neck. It is recommended that someone holds the helmet to avoid movement when removing the padding. Slide your finger into the red ribbon and gently pull on it to remove the pads. Slip the side pads over the straps and remove them from the helmet.

Comfort lining

  • All LS2 helmets have a fully demountable and washable comfort lining to keep it clean and new. Our anatomically correct side cushions are cut with 3D laser technology for a perfect fit. We use hypoallergenic fabrics that absorb moisture to cool when riding.


  • A high quality fabric placed in front of the chin reduces the airflow in the driver's face and allows for a more comfortable ride. The chin guard is removable when hot.

Reflective security patch

  • To increase the safety of the driver at night or with limited visibility, the neck pad has a reflective safety patch that glows with the headlights of the other vehicles.

Laser cut foam

  • Multi-density foam is cut by LS2 using 3D laser technology and adapted in shape to the driver's face.
LS2 Size Chart:

LS2 Size Chart


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