LS2 MX470 SUBVERTER Gloss Power Jeans Helmet

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The Ls2 MX470 Subverter full face motocross helmet is a game changer in the world of high performance MX helmets. Ls2 uses their proprietary Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) for the shell.

It's lightweight, offers just a little flex as part of the energy management system, and is ultra-strong. It tests as well as the best composite materials in the world and is the perfect material for a racing helmet.

Ls2 uses 3 shell sizes for the Subverter to assure that you get the smallest, lightest shell possible for your specific size. In fact, this is one of the smallest shells in the business. But things get even better.

The internal, energy absorbing EPS uses in-molding technology, attaching an internal, polycarbonate protective layer between the dual-density EPS and the comfort padding. This layer is slick and works just like your scalp. It allows the comfort liner just a bit of slippage to help offset and diminish rotational energy and dramatically improve the dissipation of energy absorbed by the EPS.

In other words, it takes energy management to a new, better level. We call it the Synthetic Slip System. The shell has 35 separate ventilation ports, with channelled EPS to allow the maximum possible airflow, keeping the rider cooler in the heat of competition.


  • In the wild world of the motocross helmets, a new star is born today: its name is Subverter. 'Nomen omen' Latin stated, and the new offroad model of the LS2 range represents the perfect expression of the name thanks to its extreme and absolute innovating specifi cs looking to comfort, safety and look. Made with the ultra-light KPA, the new Subverter is offering, above all, a security sliding structure with a double injection of EPS, to guarantee an exceptional protection on impacts. Subverter is ready to fi ght for new big and dusty challenges on the head of the motocross riders all over the world! 


  • To ensure good protection the helmet must fit your head to perfection, special attention should be paid to the shell shape design and materials to minimize the effects of a possible impact. It is key to obtain a perfect fit to your head from outside to inside, as well as the shell, the configuration of the EPS liner, which should match closely the human head shape. 


  • LS2 helmets feature a Dynamic Flow-­through Ventilation. Fully adjustable intake ports and vented EPS work with the rear spoiler and exhaust ports to create a constant, light flow of air helping to keep the rider cool and comfortable. 
    • Certified ECE 22.05 & ISI
    • GR 1390+-50
    • XS - 3XL
    • KPA
    • 3 Shells
    • Long Oval


    • Removable & Washable
    • Breathable
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Laser-Cut Foam


    • No visor with helmet


      • Safety Sliding Structure
      • Double D Ring
      • Emergency Release System
      • Reinforced Chin Strap
      • Metal Security Plate
      • Multi-Density EPS


      • Channeled Ports
      • Multiple Top Vents
      • Chin Vent
      • Exhaust Ports

      The fit of the helmet is very important to ensure proper protection. 
      Before selecting your size, we suggest you take a tape measure and measure your head size.

      Don't leave it to chance! 

      Consult the LS2 size chart given below for your size!

      ADULT HEAD Size Circumference in Centimeters (CM)

      SIZE CM
      XXS 51-52
      XS 53-54
      S 55-56
      M 57-58
      L 59-60
      XL  61-62
      2XL 63-64

      Refer to our size guide to record precise measurements.

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