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This one’s an outcome of sheer transformation. An all-purpose helmet that is not just out of the ordinary, but is destined to change from good to great. The Blaster makes you feel like a superhero on the inside. After all, confidence is in the head.


  • Carbon Fiber Structure making it lightweight yet extremely strong.
  • Aerodynamically designed shell. Wind tunnel tested.
  • Multiple shell sizes
  • Multiple vents for efficient ventilation.
  • 100% Max Vision anti-fog PinLock ready visor.
  • Pivoting mechanism for perfect visor seal.
  • Set of 5 Tear-Off strips. A Tear-Off is a disposable laminated film that is fitted to the exterior of the visor to keep it clean. Simply peel and discard whenever required to get a fresh and clear view.
  • EXO – Lining™ high-performance wicking fabric interiors. Hypoallergenic and dry fit.
  • Easily removable and washable interiors.
  • Embedded speaker pockets for communication system.
  • Reflective materials on the neck roll.


  • Dual certified – ECE R22.05 & DOT.
  • D-ring fasteners for a secured and perfect fit. 

Weight: 1350 grams

The color of the image may vary slightly from the actual product.

Size Chart:
The fit of the helmet is very important to ensure proper protection. 
Before selecting your size, we suggest you take a tape measure and measure your head size.

Don't leave it to chance! 

Consult the MT size chart given below for your size!
MT Size chart
Refer to our size guide to record precise measurements.

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