POLYTRON Combo Special For Royal Enfield Himalayan


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  • Keeps the engine well-lubricated, clean and protected from high temperature and pressure
  • Improves fuel mileage by up to 15% ***
  • Increases engine performance, power & compression
  • Reduces normal wear and tear by up to 95%
  • Extends engine life by up to 3-6 times
  • Lowers engine temperature and noise level
  • Reduces maintenance and operational costs by up to 60%

Fuel Conditioner KEY BENEFITS
Improves vehicle mileage by up to 20%
Better vehicle performance and compression
Reduces harmful emission by up to 60-80%
Best product for end-to-end fuel system cleansing
Improves fuel combustion efficiency
Removes carbon deposits and neutralize water/moisture in the fuel system.
Improves fuel quality for better engine performance.
Compatible with all Petrol and diesel fuel engines, machinery & equipment
*95% passing rate on smog test for Polytron user is real, however, buyer understands Polytron/we will not guarantee this statement.

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