POLYTRON Combo Special Kit For Royal Enfield


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  • Keeps the engine well-lubricated, clean and protected from high temperature and pressure
  • Improves fuel mileage by up to 15% ***
  • Increases engine performance, power & compression
  • Reduces normal wear and tear by up to 95%
  • Extends engine life by up to 3-6 times
  • Lowers engine temperature and noise level
  • Reduces maintenance and operational costs by up to 60%

Fuel Conditioner KEY BENEFITS

  • Improves vehicle mileage by up to 20%
  • Better vehicle performance and compression
  • Reduces harmful emission by up to 60-80%
  • Best product for end-to-end fuel system cleansing
  • Improves fuel combustion efficiency
  • Removes carbon deposits and neutralize water/moisture in the fuel system.
  • Improves fuel quality for better engine performance.
  • Compatible with all Petrol and diesel fuel engines, machinery & equipment
  • 95% passing rate on smog test for Polytron user is real, however, buyer understands Polytron/we will not guarantee this statement.

Polytron Penetrating Lubricant Spray: All-purpose spray for effective corrosion protection

  • Polytron Penetrating Lubricant Spray is made using Polytron MTC to reduce friction and protect metal components from corrosion and rust. The spray is developed to treat metallic surfaces and can be used at homes and in industries to improve lubrication, break down rust and speed up drilling.
  • Developed as a penetrative lubricant, the spray fights corrosion and can clean the surface to improve the drilling speed and sharpness of cutting tools. The spray is known to eliminate friction and create a protective layer that saves a metal from damage due to moisture, extreme pressure or temperature.
  • Generally used for general machine shop tasks, the lubricating spray also has plenty of uses like lubricating hinges at homes, maintaining lubrication in valves and metal components of machinery and protect moving parts from corrosion.

Key Benefits

  • Deep penetration to protect metals from corrosion and break down rust
  • Reduces normal wear and tear by lubricating the surface
  • Improved energy efficiency and performance of electrical components
  • Repels moisture to protect a metallic surface
  • Cleans and breaks down electric corrosion

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