POLYTRON Petrol-Diesel Fuel Conditioner 50 ML


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POLYTRON Petrol-Diesel Fuel Conditioner :

Polytron fuel conditioner cleans the complete fuel system to improve vehicle’s mileage, extends engine life, reduces emission and help you save fuel. A technologically-advanced fuel conditioner working on revolutionary Polytron technology, Polytron Petrol/Diesel Fuel Conditioner dissolves carbon deposits inside the engine and prevents future buildup to improve engine performance.

One can use the fuel conditioner for normal cars, SUVs, trucks, irrigation systems, tractors, heavy machinery, pumps and other types of machines running on fuels such as petrol or diesel.

The fuel conditioner can promise an improvement of up to 20% in fuel consumption and can be used to clean, lubricate and protect fuel systems, valves, ports, combustion chamber. To be added to vehicle fuel, the product is designed for cleaner and efficient fuel combustion.

For best results use it together with POLYTRON MTC or Polytron motor oils Contributes to much cleaner emissions.

Fuel Conditioner KEY BENEFITS

  • Improves vehicle mileage by up to 20%
  • Better vehicle performance and compression
  • Reduces harmful emission by up to 60-80%
  • Best product for end-to-end fuel system cleansing
  • Improves fuel combustion efficiency
  • Removes carbon deposits and neutralize water/moisture in the fuel system.
  • Improves fuel quality for better engine performance.
  • Compatible with all Petrol and diesel fuel engines, machinery & equipment
  • *95% passing rate on smog test for Polytron user is real, however, buyer understands Polytron/we will not guarantee this statement.

Fuel Conditioner APPLICATIONS

  • Maximizes fuel mileage (mpg) by up to 35+%
  • Maximizes power & compression
  • Passenger cars
  • SUVs and pickup trucks
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Pumps
  • Oil Field Equipment
  • Marine Vessels
  • Railroad


  • Add 1 ml./liter for any fuel (petrol/diesel)

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