Rynox Cerros Zero G Chest Protector Level 2 (One Pair)

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Rynox Cerros Zero G Chest Protector Level 2

The Cerros Zero-G DC1B Chest Protector is designed for motorcyclists, to provide superior impact protection and all-day comfort at the shoulder.

CE Level 2 certified and made in India with the indigenously developed Zero-G technology, this protector is an essential component of any protective motorcycle jacket.


Part Number DC1B
Formula Zero-G
Certified for Use At Chest
Design Asymmetric
Certified Under CE Standard EN1621-3:2018
Protection Level Level 2
Type B
Vents 3+3
Length (in cms) 24
Width (in cms) 16

Exceeds Ce Level 2 Performance

The Cerros Elbow protector is certified to CE standard EN 1621-3:2018

  • During certification tests, the Cerros Zero-G DC1B Chest Protector exceeded CE Level 2 norms by 40%
  • The Cerros Zero-G DC1B Chest Protector is tested for impact protection in temperatures ranging from -10 to +40 degrees Celsius, to ensure that it maintains shock-absorbing properties and structural integrity even in extreme weather conditions.

CE Mark Interpretation

  • Meets CE Standard - EN 1621-3:2018
  • Intended Application - Motorcycling
  • Protector Style - DC : Two Piece Chest
  • Coverage Offered - Type B : Maximum Possible Coverage
  • Performance Level - 2 : Certified CE Level 2
  • Read the Instructions Before Use


The Zero-G formula enables the Cerros DC1B Chest Protector to bend and move with the wearer's body, while retaining its original shape memory; without compromising on impact protection and comfort.


The indigenously developed Zero-G technology makes the Cerros Zero-G  DC1B Chest Protector 25% lighter than the competition, making them extremely sleek and comfortable to wear for long durations.


The 3 vents in the Cerros Zero-G DC1B Chest Protector allow air to flow freely through the protector, which

  • Helps to reduce body heat build-up 
  • Aids in the dispersal of moisture
  • Regulates body temperature


The Cerros Zero-G Protectors are the first CE Level 2 certified protector to be entirely designed, developed, and manufactured in India.


    Don’t forget to verify the compatibility of this product with your jacket before purchase. This can be done by checking the dimensions of your existing protectors or by checking the dimensions of the protector holder pockets in your jacket.

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