Rynox Nomad Rain Cover

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Replacement/Spare Rain Cover for the Nomad Saddlebags

This Rain Cover is purpose-built for the Nomad Saddlebags. The rain cover protects your saddlebags from rain and splashes of water and helps in keeping your stuff dry.

Material And Construction

  • Shell Material - Polyester fabric with a laminated membrane for water resistance
  • Elasticated Hems - Polyester material with woven elastic for a snug fit
  • Heat Sealed Seams - Precision sealed seams prevent ingress of water at the seams and keep your stuff dry.

Compatibility And Fit

  • Purpose-built for the Nomad Saddlebags
  • Can also be used with other similarly shaped and sized saddlebags. Do take a look at the dimensions of the rain cover. The ‘Product Dimensions’ button is in the size selection section.

What's Included

  • Rain cover (2 units)


  • No warranty on this product

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