Rynox Storm Evo 2 Gloves (Hi Viz Green Black)

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A pair of featherweight gloves that knocks out heavyweights.

Hi Viz Green color shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual color may vary as per production batch without any discretion from Rynox Gears

The first in our revamped line-up of full gauntlet gloves, the Storm Evo 2 Gloves are the successor to our popular Inferno Pro Gloves, now renamed and included in the Storm Evo kit. Nimble and lightweight, the Storm Evo 2 Gloves are perfect for the minimalist overlander looking for comprehensive protection and versatile performance.

You get a Rynox Wingman personal accident insurance cover of INR 50,000/- with the purchase of this product. Click here for more details. 

Complete CE Certified Protection

Not just the protectors, the entire Storm Evo 2 glove is CE certified to standard EN13594:2015. This CE certification includes 15 different tests and the gloves are verified to have:

  • Impact resistance: Residual force < 9kN (Kilonewtons)
  • Abrasion resistance: Slide time ≥ 4s (Seconds)
  • Cut resistance: On palm ≥ 1.2N (Newtons)
  • Tear strength: On palm ≥ 25N and back hand ≥ 18N (Newtons)
  • Seam strength: Main seams ≥ 6N/mm (Newtons per Millimeters)

Impact Protection 

  • Scaphoid Bone: KNOX® patented Impact SPS (Scaphoid Protection System) is made from a layer of Knox’s latest impact absorbent Micro-lock protector on the inside and two specially developed abrasion resistant LDPE sliders on the outside. This combination enables the gloves to slide smoothly on contact with the ground, instead of gripping the impact surface and subsequently reducing hyper-extension of the wrist and potential scaphoid injuries.

  • Wrist: True carbon fiber slider in reinforced in a TPR housing for optimum slide protection
  • Knuckle: Overhanging PVC knuckle protector with HD foam backing. Overhang construction flexes with your hand and maximises actuation
  • Finger Joints: HD foam inserts 

Abrasion Protection 

  • Heavy Duty Durable Chassis: Made from premium soft full-grain leather
  • Reinforced Protection: Leather panels at abrasion zones 
  • SureGrip Palm: High-grip contoured Amara panel with silicon detailing, for complete ride control


  • Fit: Full gauntlet, sport touring fit
  • Zero Wear-In Required: Pre-curved fingers 
  • Fit Modulation: 2-step closure for secure fit
  • Summer Ready Perforated Leather: premium perforated soft full-grain leather panels for optimum ventilation

More Features

  • Ease of Access: Touch screen friendly TapFingertips™ on the index fingers


  • The Storm Evo 2 Gloves have a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase/delivery.
  • To know the warranty policy of Rynox in detail, click here.

        Based on design, fit and form factor, every pair of gloves in our range has a unique sizing chart. Make sure you specifically follow the sizing instructions and the size chart mentioned on this page, before you select your glove size.

        Size Chart: Palm Measurement (in Inches)
        Gloves Size Chart
                • Lay your dominant hand flat on a level surface
                • Keep the fingers together, palm facing upwards
                • Wrap a measuring tape around your palm, just below the knuckles, not including the thumb
                • Measure the circumference in inches
        Size Inches
        S 6.5 to 7.49
        M 7.5 to 8.49
        L 8.5 to 9.49
        XL 9.5 to 10.49
        2XL 10.5 to 11.49
        For additional details:
        Refer to our size guide to record precise measurements.

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