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The nimble, lightweight and ventilated Storm Evo Jacket, with the NOCTEX Retro-Reflective Shell technology.

Motorcycles are the smallest vehicles on the road. Especially after dark, we motorcyclists become less visible to other vehicles, leading to the possibility of accidents.

We developed the NOCTEX Retro-Reflective Shell technology with the objective of making it safer for motorcyclists to ride in low light conditions.

NOCTEX - How it Works

The Noctex fabric is a laminate of microscopic retro-reflectors over an abrasion resistant polyester shell.

The NOCTEX fabric looks an inconspicuous dark grey during the day, but when light hits its surface after dark, it instantly illuminates brightly.

The light is reflected back to its source, lighting up your entire silhouette. This makes you highly visible to oncoming traffic and reduces the likelihood of low-visibility related accidents after dark. (Scroll down to watch video)

You get a Rynox Wingman personal accident insurance cover of INR 50,000/- with the purchase of this product. Click here for more details

Impact Protection

  • Shoulder and Elbow - Knox Microlock CE Level 2 protectors certified to EN 1621-1:2012 Type B (T+/T-)
  • Back - Knox Microlock CE Level 2 protector certified to EN 1621-2:2014 (T-) (New for 2021)
  • Chest - Knox Microlock CE Level 1 Certified to EN 1621-3:2017 (New for 2021)

Abrasion Protection

  • Super Ventilated Outer Shell - Lightweight and sturdy 3D mesh with dual-fold knit
  • Heavy Duty Textile - 600D PU coated polyester
  • Reinforced Slide Zones - Invista Cordura® panels at shoulders and elbows
  • External Metal Sliders - On shoulders
  • DWR Shell - DWR coated polyester shell for added abrasion resistance
  • Safety Stitch System - Reinforced dual stitching on slide zones
  • Converts to a Suit - Jacket-to-pants connection zipper. Prevents the jacket from riding up in a slide.

Safety Features

  • Increased Low Light Visibility: When light hits the NOCTEX Retro-Reflective panels after dark, it lights up your entire silhouette. This makes you highly visible only to the drivers of vehicles coming towards you from the front, back or side.
  • Increased Day Time Visibility: Hi-viz green 3D mesh in air vents

MODULAYER - Performance Layering System  - BUY NOW

Under our MODULAYER system, you can now buy just the riding jacket or all the layers together, as per your specific individual need. Choose your weather protection from our range of MODULAYERs

  • H2Go Rain Jacket
  • Surge Winter Jacket
  • Swarm Winter Jacket


  • Fit - Sports touring fit
  • Maximum Ventilation - Strategically placed 4 intake vents, 4 cross vents and 1 exhaust vent
  • Ergonomic Trims -  Accordion stretch panels on shoulder blades that flex with body movements
  • Cushioned Comfort - Soft Neoprene trims on collar and cuffs, prevent chafing of the skin
  • Fit Modulation - Girth adjusters on the waist, arms and cuffs
  • Custom Developed Girth Adjustor Fittings - Improved load bearing performance. Ergonomic design. Ease of fit modulation.
  • Custom Developed Micro Velcro Closures - No chafing on skin. Sleek design. Stronger performance.
  • Cargo Capacity - 2 side pockets

            What's Included

            • Primary jacket shell (1 unit)
            • Shoulder protectors (2 units)
            • Elbow protectors (2 units)
            • Back protector (1 unit) 
            • Chest protectors (2 units)

            Size Chart: Measured around chest in inches

            Size Inches
            S 36-37.7
            M 38-39.7
            L 40-41.7
            XL 42-43.7
            2XL 44-45.7
            3XL 46.46.7
            4XL 47-47.7
            5XL 48-48.7

            Refer to our size guide to record precise measurements.

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