AGV Spare GT2 Pinlock 70 Max Vision Clear Anti Fog Lens for K1 / Compact / K3 SV / K4 / K5 / Strada


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  • The 100% Max Vision Pinlock 70 fog resistant insert lens is a premium solution for AGV Helmets.
  • This lens has become the benchmark for fog resistant performance that is most commonly used by riders across the world.
  • The insert is made of a moisture absorbing plastic and, therefore the surface basically dry when used.
  • The insert has a silicone seal that creates a double shield system.
  • Double shield system created by a silicon seal
  • Dry hydrofilic technology
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Interchangeable with other Pinlock lenses
  • 100% Max Vision® technology provides a clear view throughout the complete eye port of the shield


  • The Pinlock 70 is a premium fog resistant solution for riders.
  • Enhanced with stronger fog resistant properties, the insert lens has extended fog resistant endurance which helps riders see better through challenging weather conditions.
  • The Pinlock 70 creates a double shield system through a silicon seal between the helmet face shield and Pinlock insert lens, which makes up a double glass type of solution that prevents fogging.
  • The insert is made of a moisture absorbing plastic and therefore, the surface basically dry when used. 
    This air-tight pocket ensures that the difference in temperature becomes significantly lowered.
  • The Pinlock insert absorbs moisture on the inside and offers you continuous clear visibility.

100% Max Vision:

The Pinlock 100% Max Vision insert lenses maximizes fog resistant coverage within the helmet face shield via a custom designed cavity area that enables the lens to fit perfectly.

Pinlock 70 insert lens is compatible with the list of helmets below:

AGV Compact / K1 / K3 SV / K4 / K5 / Strada  (GT2 Visors only)

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