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LS2 Smart Braking Indicator Light L1

Smart Brake Indicator is an ultra-bright smart LED brake light that instantly improves a motorcycle's visibility. It mounts on the back of the helmet you already own and its sensors work automatically to let others know whenever you slow down--braking, engine braking, or downshifting. No need for a wired installation or connected apps. LS2 smart helmet indicator can be charged with a C-type cable & can be solar charged as well.
With 2 flashing modes. Simply mount the "LS2 Logo magnet" inside the box onto the helmet, place the Smart Brake Indicator on the magnet and you're ready to go.

Note: The Indicator Light will be automatically adjusted and adaptive to the environment after detecting the intensity of environmental light by checking the charging voltage while charging via solar panel.

Technical Specifications:

Operation Temperature -10°C~+60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C~60°C
Charging Temperature -10°C~60°C
Operation Voltage Range 2.6-3.6V
Average Operation Current ≤100mA
Charging Current (by Solar Panel) 18-29mA at 6000LX 25°C
Charging Current (by USB Connection) ≤170mA
IP Grade IPX4
Battery Specification 14500 500mAH
Current (for turn off the device ≤100uA
Voltage (for Charging) 5V±0.25V
Interface (of Charging) USB C port on device

(USB C cable and adapter not included)

Charging Modes:

  1. Automatically charging the battery by solar panel in daytime.
  2. Charging the battery by connection to USB C port.
    Opening the cover of USB for connection and charging.


  • Mode 1:
    The Indicator light will remain dark after starting and will turn bright (red) when braking.

  • Mode 2:
    The Indicator light will flash after Starting and will turn bright (red) when braking.

Note :

  • Short Press Button to turn On/Off.
  • Long press button for 3 Seconds to switch the mode.
  • Mode 1 is the default mode after startup.
  • If no vibration is detected within 20 minutes after turning on, it will turn off automatically.

For Safety Purpose
Please don't expose the product too long to the rain even though the product is designed with waterproof setting IPX4 which is able to withstand rain for a short period of time.

What's Included in Box

  • L1 helmet Smart  Braking Indicator (1x)
  • Bracket (2x)
  • Position Paper Sticker (1x)
  • User Manual (1x)

Installation Instruction

  1. Locate the Installation area and place the positioning paper sticker on to the Installation area.
  2. Stick the Bracket on to the Installation area on the helmet.
  3. Stick the indicator light to the Bracket.
  4. Installation is completed.


  • Images shown for illustration purpose only.
  • Product specifications may change without any notice as per production batches from manufacturer.
  • Actual product may vary in look & finish as per discretion from LS2.
  • LS2 India provides NO WARRANTY on the listed product.
  • LS2 Smart Braking Light does not qualify for any returns, exchange or refunds.

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