LS2 Spare Antifog Insert Fog City Lens (Clear) for FF320 FF353 Helmets

LS2 Helmets

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Compatibility Note:

Only suitable for LS2 FF320 Stream Evo & LS2 FF353 Rapid Helmets
(with Fog city Ready (pins) face shields)

The fog city go lens is an easy effective antifog solution for motorcycle helmet visor with fog city studs.

This lens has a flexible seal that creates an air pocket between the lens and the visor. Simply install the fog city go lens into the visor and you are ready to go.

Flexible seal

  • Clear vision during every ride
  • Mounted between studs to stay firmly in place
  • Flexible seal offering maximum anti-fog performance.

Two step installation

  • Step 1. Make sure that the inside of the visor is properly cleaned.
  • Step 2. Place the fog city go lens on the inside of the visor between the two studs.


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    • Actual product may vary in finish, specifications, look without any discretion from manufacturer.
    • FogCity anti fog lens do NOT qualify for any exchange, returns, or replacements.


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