MT Spare Fog Off Anti Fog Photochromatic Lens for V28 Visors

MT Helmets

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Compatibility Note:

Only suitable for MT Thunder 4 SV Helmets with visor code V-28 Visor face shields

FogOff® insert, compatible with Thunder4 helmet visors. The FogOff® lens is not only an anti-fog lens but also photochromatic, giving the rider better visibility while riding. The lens will turn from clear to dark in seconds, adapting to sunlight. With its easy mounting system, installation and removal are hassle-free.


  • The anti-fog property is permanent and will not perish in the short/medium term.
  • The photochromatic treatment has an estimated life of 90 days based on the usage. 
  • In case of occasional use, the life of the photochromic treatment can be extended to up to one year.
  • Avoid exposition to heat or sunlight when not being used, this will prolong its useful life.


  • Images shown for illustration purpose only.
  • Actual product may vary in finish, specifications, look without any discretion from manufacturer.
  • Pinlock anti fog lenses do NOT qualify for any exchange, returns, or replacements.


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