Muc Off Motorcycle Air Filter Oil 1L


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Maximizes performance and increases the life of foam air filters!

    Product Description

    • Whatever the conditions, you want your air filter to be able to breathe freely. The Muc-Off High-Performance Air Filter Oil boasts a non-chlorinated, low-viscosity formula, that’s guaranteed to maximize performance, increase the longevity of foam air filters and improve engine life in all off-road weaponry.
    • The Muc-Off Motorcycle Air Filter Oil is developed to provide the highest level of engine protection, even when you’re going hard in the toughest of conditions. Muc-Off’s proprietary formulation contains polymeric additives which provide a hyper-tacky surface to resist airborne sand, dust, water, mud and grime. It helps ensure your engine is protected, whilst maintaining the ability to breathe freely in the most brutal conditions.

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      • Maximizes airflow for the highest possible performance
      • Low viscosity, super tacky formula easily penetrates filter
      • Prevents dust, grime and water from entering engine
      • Inherently biodegradable
      • Helps to extend engine life
      • Fast evaporating means no long waits to re-assemble filter

      Source: Muc-Off

      Product Specifications

      • Size: 1L

      What’s in the box?

      • Muc-Off Motorcycle Air Filter Oil – 1L

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