Oxford Cruise Throttle Assist


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Oxford Cruise Anti-Fatigue Throttle Assist

One of the most quintessential quick upgrades you can make to your bike, the Oxford Throttle Assist installs in seconds. Holding a constant cruising speed will become effortless since you're effectively increasing the leverage you're applying to your throttle. 


  • Reduces wrist fatigue on long journeys

  • Assist throttle operation when cruising on the highway and major roads

  • Easy to fit and remove

  • Easily adjustable


  • OX608 "Standard" fits the majority of motorcycles and scooters, grip diameter 28mm-32mm (1.1"-1.26")

  • OX609 "XL" fits heated grips and large diameter Harley and cruiser grips, grip diameter 32mm-36mm (1.26"-1.42")


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