R&G Aero Crash Protectors for Honda CBR650F '14 '18 & CBR650R '19 (CP0351BL)

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This product also fits the following bikes:

  • Honda CB650F (2014)
  • Honda CB650F (2015)
  • Honda CB650F (2016)
  • Honda CB650F (2017)
  • Honda CB650F (2019)
  • Honda CBR650F (2014)
  • Honda CBR650F (2015)
  • Honda CBR650F (2016)
  • Honda CBR650F (2017)
  • Honda CBR650F (2018)
  • Honda CBR650R (2019)
  • Honda CBR650R (2020)
  • Honda CBR650R (2021)
  • Honda CB650F (2018)

 Product Details:

  • Colour: Black 
    Fairing Modification: No Mods
  • Mounting Position: Front Engine Mount
  • Quantity: Pair
  • Product Code: CP0351BL
  • Fitting Difficulty (1-5): 1 - Very Easy
  • Fitting Time: 30 Minutes


With bespoke designs for over 350+ models of motorcycle there is bound to be an application for your bike. These are not "mushrooms"! Unlike most of our competitors, we use de-embrittled high-tensile steel bolts which are designed to bend on impact rather than to shear or snap. In addition, we add compression sleeves inside the bobbins which are designed to allow the retaining bolts to be torqued to the correct specification and not to work loose though vibration.

Our industry leading aero crash protectors are now available for the Honda CBR650F  '14-, Honda CB650F '14-'18 & CBR650R '19-, utilising specially designed blocks and brackets installing into existing engine mounts, they offer essential protection to the bike frame,  engine and radiator keeping them raised up and away from the tarmac in the event of a crash or drop. This kit requires NO modification to install.

R&G Aero Bobbins are a stylish, aerodynamic, teardrop shaped bobbin improving on the original good looks of our highly successful and popular standard round bobbins. Fitted with a removable end cap which hides the bobbins fittings, this sleek new design looks superb and is a winner on road and track!

R&G Aero Bobbins from R&G - the market leaders in crash protection and the only insurance-approved crash protectors on the market. As used by some of the world's top race teams, what better endorsement do you need! R&G – innovation not imitation!


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