RALERI Anti Fog Photochromatic Insert for Helmets


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RALERI Anti Fog Photochromatic Insert

Raleri Photochromatic insert helps to make your visor anti-fog as photochromatic & is the best Pinlock alternative. This helmet insert can be used at both the times during day and nights .

  • Clear in normal condition, Light green when exposed to sun rays
  • Anti-fog with Photochromic function
  • Darkens by about 20% to cut sun rays (turns greenish)
  • Can be used in day & night
  • 100% optically correct with no visual distortion
  • Activates in about 4 secs depending on the UV light
  • High quality special sealing gasket
  • Fits almost all helmets without pins
  • Made in Italy

"NOTE: Incase your visor has Pinlock pins please download the template & check if the insert fits your helmet visor.

Not recommended for people  With spectacles

"Watch product information & installation video by clicking play button on the image or check description for detailed installation procedure & list of compatible helmets.


    Benefits of Raleri Fogstop Insert:

    • Raleri inserts are economical as compared to Pinlock inserts & offers great value for money.
    • Raleri offers a universal sIze so it could fit a wide variety of helmets.
    • Raleri uses a special adhesive system with seals the insert from all sides, thus inhibiting dust collection between the insert and the visor.
    • Italian designed Ralerits patented adhesive system enhances the life of the insert.

    Tried & tested on below models

    • Bell MX9, Bell Qualifier, Scorpion EXO series, Schuberth C4, RE Escapade, Studds Thunder
    • AGV KI, K3, Sports Modular, HJC RPHAII
    • MT helmets V12 visors - MT Mugello, Upto 2019 Stinger, MT Thunder & MT 2016 Blade Helmets.
    • MT helmets with Vl4 visors (requires slight trimming)- MT Hummer, MT Targo,MT Blade2, MT Revenge2 & MT Rapide helmets
    • NHK-GPRTech

    To be installed once only, if removed cannot be re-applied.

    • Not compatible with Arai helmets

    Additional Information

    • Weight: 0.2 kg
    • Dimensions: 35x 15 x 05 cm


    • Raleri anti fog lenses do NOT qualify for any exchange, returns, or replacements.
    • Images shown for illustration purpose only.
    • Actual product may vary in finish, specifications, look without any discretion from manufacturer.


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