RAM Spare X Grip Tether for Phone Mounts (RAM-HOL-UN7TU)

RAM Mount

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Part Number: RAM-HOL-UN7TU
  • Attaches to the RAM® X-Grip® phone holder and the edges of your device for extra peace of mind in demanding environments
  • Compatible with all standard size UN7 RAM® X-Grip® phone holders
  • Made of high-strength elastomeric rubber to ensure a strong hold

Note:  Not recommended for large phones above 5 inches.

The RAM® X-Grip® is one of the best-selling phone mounts on the market, providing a secure hold in nearly any environment. In demanding and open cockpit applications where excessive wind and g-force could cause movement of your phone within the holder, you can ensure added peace of mind with the RAM® X-Grip® tether. It’s also great if you just want a little added stability and vibration control when capturing video while your phone is mounted. The tether is made of high-strength elastomeric material and fits around the large RAM® X-Grip® holder for easy attachment to your phone.


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