ROK Straps MD 16mm Black + Blue/Green Stripe

ROK Straps

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ROK Straps MD 16mm Black + Blue/Green Stripe, Accessories, ROK Straps, Moto Central

Another quality product from ROK Straps Global Corporation Inc. USA.

Attach to any part of framework, buckle up, tighten and go.
To unload, release tension & unbuckle.

Confidently secure 60lb (27kg) in all weather conditions.

No steel hooks and minimum recoil ensures you won't hurt you, your cargo or your bike.

Patented in USA, EU & Others.
International Patent Application Number: PCT/AU99/00026


  • Polyester braided webbing
  • Flat shock cord to minimize pressure on load
  • UV- /  shatter- / crack-resistant quick-release buckles
  • Web loop connection points
  • Corrosion proof and rot resistant
  • Sold as a pair
  • Rubber shock cord provides constant tension, webbing provides adjustable length
  • Quick release buckle for cargo access 
  • Easily adjustable
  • No metal hooks so no scratches
  • Secure attachment loops
  • 2x stronger and much safer than a bungee
  • Dimensions: 12'' to 42'' (300 to 1060 mm)

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