Scorpion Exo Spare Shield/Visor for EXO-490 EXO-500 & EXO-1000

Scorpion Exo

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A selection of genuine Scorpion EXO Helmet visors.
These Scorpion EXO visors are available in various colors.

Technical Specification:

  • Genuine Replacement anti-scratch face shield for Scorpion EXO-490 EXO-500 & EXO-1000

  • Speedshift® Shield System:
    With this unique system, the visor can be changed in less than 10 seconds.
    With the visor open, it's enough to just turn the two twist grips to 1/4 to remove it. To replace it the operation is just as simple.
    The visor clips on automatically around the twist grips by simply pressing it on. Easy, reliable and clever.
  • Wind tunnel designed to minimize wind noise at high speed, fitted with even more powerful springs to ensure optimum fit of the shield against the seal through the compression force, fully sealed and quieter.

  • Pinlock® MAXVISION prepared

    Fitting perfectly into the specially depressed area of the face shield, the Pinlock® creates continuous air pressure through the compression force, which in turn stops condensation – and thus fogging – from occurring even when the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the helmet increases.

  • Anti UV: 100%
  • Anit Scratch Coated
  • Works with the shield lock system
  • Type of Shield: SPEEDSHIFT 3D Shield (KDF-11M)

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